Thursday, November 05, 2009

Missing, but lots of Action

Yeah, so I have neglected by Blog for more than two months. But it doesn't mean that I haven't been knitting. I got a wild hair a while back and decided that EVERYONE needed house socks for Christmas. You know what I mean by "House Socks," right? Socks meant to be worn around the house to keep toesies warm. Not for putting into shoes and wearing around. So following the purchases of MANY skeins of Cascade 220 Superwash (and any other kind of superwash wool I could find), I have embarked on a house sock knitting frenzy!

For Mom:

For One of the Nieces:

The Nephews:

For a Niece:

And Another Nephew:

And there was a little crochet Christmas decoration action, too:

Yes! Crochet!! I know, I know, near blasphemy, but hey.....Snowflakes are more like crochet than knitting, anyway. And I can tell you even this kind of simple crochet takes me to the ragged edge of my crochet skills. But it is going to be the perfect finish to a tree that will be auctioned off for a scholarship fund.

Last time I wrote, I was on the road, taking my middle son to college. Well, he will be home for Thanksgiving in a little more than a week, apparently sporting a rather rugged beard and mustache for "No-Shave November." I PROMISE pictures....this should be really good. #2 son is the one who really can grow some impressive facial hair (something he can be quite vain about BTW). He has sported a beard of sorts for quite a while, now, but never a mustache. THIS should be fun to see.

I'm about to take off on another trip tomorrow, to a REALTOR convention in San Diego. My biggest consideration when packing....what will I take to KNIT!! My latest house sock....check. My snowflake garland.....check. Back up sock knitting....check. Why do I always travel with this fear of running out of knitting? They DO have yarn shops in San Diego.

Well, still some things to do........