Thursday, November 29, 2007

It's Time

It's time to share one of my other obsessions with you........BOOKS! When I am not knitting, I am reading. Sometimes I do both at the same time (this last one requires a fairly high degree of co-ordination, and some extremely mindless knitting to be successful).

My latest completed read: "The Absolutely True Diary of a Part-Time Indian" by Sherman Alexie. This book recently won the National Book Award for Young Adult Fiction. I will point out, that I am a huge Alexie fan. I think he is brilliant, funny, kind of hot-looking (nice hair Sherman), and a very original voice. He's also a local guy for me, and since I don't share the Pacific Northwest's blind love for Tom Robbins, I have to spread my literary love somewhere.

Where to start with this book. It is painful, funny, sad, joyous and very real. You don't have to be Indian to feel out of place. That is the perspective Alexie writes from, but it is a feeling that almost every teenager experiences at some point. I know I sure did! I read everything that Alexie writes, but this one was a particular standout. Buy it for yourself. Buy it for a teenager you love.

I also received a knitting related goodie from Amazon yesterday: "Son of Stitch 'n' Bitch by Debbie Stoller. I haven't had time to actually knit any of the patterns, yet, but I can testify that they are "guy approved" patterns. My 16 year-old has already put in orders for two hats, and a sweater from the book. I have also found one that is perfect for #1 son, as well. AND there are a couple of good sock patterns (always a plus for me!). The sizing for the sweaters is pretty good, it seems. None of them will fit my XXL hubby without some alteration, but it is much better than some pattern designers I could name (Debbie Bliss). I'm so interested in diving into these patterns that it is taking all my restraint to not ditch my Holiday Knitting for a foray into "Son of Stitch 'n' Bitch." I hope I will soon be able to share a FO from the book with you all.

Is there an "all" out there reading this, yet? Or is it just a "one" so far (not counting #3 son who keeps reading my blog over my shoulder!)

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

F.O. Part DUX!

This, gentle people is finished Xmas object #2! I am SO on a roll! Same Pattern, Same Yarn, different color scheme. I have to admit, this hat pained me a bit to knit - being Husky colors and all (Go Cougs!). I had to keep telling myself that it was not Husky colors, it was Issaquah High School colors. Cooled me down enough to finsh the hat. Thank God I only have to knit one of those! Now to find a way to dispose of that dreaded purple and gold! Sorry Husky fans, but this is a Cougar household.
I know, I know, not so imaginative with the differing hat styles, but this hat is particularly suited to knitting in school colors, and it was my first taste of fair isle, so I have a fondness for it.
Started a pair of socks for Son#3's teacher today. Weird to knit socks for one of your kid's teachers, but hey! I don't think HE would get off on the knitted, felted roses, or the pretty soaps and knitted washcloths I have made female teachers in the past. But how do you surreptitiously find out someone's shoe size? Anyone have a good answer for that?

Monday, November 26, 2007

Holiday F.O. Numero Uno!

Tee Hee! I have officially finished my first knitted Xmas present for 2007! A fair isle hat in his high school colors for twin nephew #1 (well, or #2, they ARE twins after all). Technically, he does not start high school until next September, but his and his brother's excitement for high school is barely contained in their lanky blonde bodies - hence their need for spirited headwear.

For the knitterly among you, the pattern is Fiber Trends Swirls Hat (pattern # AC-59). Yarn used, Cascade 220 Superwash.

F.O. #2 is nearly done.....just have to knit the I-cord top-knot. Only one hat and two pairs of socks left to go! Tee-Hee!

And I have some of my Xmas shopping done, too (thank you Internet!). My goal this year. To complete Christmas shopping without ever setting foot in a mall. Can we do it?? Yes! We! Can!

Saturday, November 24, 2007

Kelli Wins!

I'm taking Kelli's advice and commenting more and adding my URL to my comments. I really got in the habit of just reading lately, and not commenting. Gotta change that.

On the Holiday Knitting front, I already have one hat finished, and another just shy of half-way done! I ROCK! I will try to get #3 son to do some modeling soon.

BTW, Cougs beat the Huskies in Apple Cup #100! Take that DAWGS!!

Just realized that I have not yet had my Thanksgiving nap. Too late for it tonight, but I AM going to get in some serious nappage tomorrow. What is a holiday weekend without a nap surrounded by the family dogs!

Friday, November 16, 2007

Oh My GOSH!!!

I have a comment! (Hi Kelli!!) Yeah, I have been a total bore, I know. But now I am tossing something around in my head - and believe me, there is a lot of room in there! I have been inspired by Kay and Ann's participation with Oliver's American blanket . I think I may want to make my own. I know, I know, this could be a project of Epic Proportions - or the "Project of Death," however you want to look at it. But I have loads of lovely ends of sock skeins.......Koigu, Lorna's, other fantastic hand-dyeds, and the little balls just sitting in their plastic box doesn't thrill me like a blanket draped across my lap with memories of all my sock projects woven (well, knitted) into it. I mailed off my squares on Saturday, and hopefully Kay has them now. Honestly, I could have made a whole blanket on my own from my remnants. But the Holidays and it's associated knitting, looms large for me right now, so I have spend enough time on squares (for the moment).

Here's the holiday knitting countdown:

1) fair isle hats for nephews A, B, and C (in their high school colors - even though they are not in high school.....yet)
2) socks for FIL
3) socks for youngest's teacher

Five weeks and counting......wish me luck!

P.S. And, Oh Joy!!! Youngest's teacher's wife is having a baby!!! I get to knit a baby blanket!!! And just when I really wanted to knit another one and had no Bee-Bee to knit for!

P.S.S. Happy T-day folks! I'm off to bake more PIES!

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

I Know. I Know, I have not been putting any effort into this Blogging thing, but honestly, I think my life is boring - for the most part - and the really interesting stuff is not fit for a family blog.

But tonight I met the Eastside Stitchers, a Stitch'n'Bitch group in my area. Ladies, in a word, YOU ROCK! I am going to learn so much from you guys......I can hardly wait!

A lot of the Stitchers are also part of Eastside Spinners, and they invited me to come learn to spin with them on Saturday.....I am so Psyched! My Hubby is going to hate it, but he will be out of town on Saturday. By the time he gets back, I will be Spinaddicted as well as Knitaddicted.

Still gotta learn how to do pictures.......Xmas knitting is just beginning and I will have show and tell soon!