Friday, January 27, 2012

Eat Your Vegetables!

After a flirtation with Vegetarianism (the only reason it didn't stick is because I HATE making double dinners for the carnivores in the family), I decided to really try experimenting with different vegetables. To this end, I have discovered a couple of great things.......

Yeah, I can hear you....."eeewwwwww parsnips!" And since about 85% of the recipes for parsnips involve cooking the things to death and then PUREEING them, I would tend to agree. But I found this little recipe just before Christmas, and the result was that my family has become parsnip partisans! Prepared this way, they are just a bit crunchy, and just a tiny bit sweet.They're pretty damn good in stew, too. Go ahead, try 'em. You know you wanna.

My other new fav is Roasted Yams
Yes, I said YAMS, and not sweet potatoes. Honestly, I don't like sweet potatoes (they're sickly yellow and bland), but, THAT's some good eatin.' As potato recipes go, it cooks up pretty quickly. The thing that takes the longest is cutting the potatoes. One note, the recipe is for only ONE yam. Increasing the recipe is easy, but it is NOT necessary to increase the amount of oil exponentially - unless you really like everything you eat swimming in oil.

I think I may try fennel, next. It looks so pretty!