Monday, June 01, 2009

NOT on the Road again!

OK, so I am such an effing slug about Blog entries lately, but hey! I've been busy! Not one, but TWO business trips since my last post, a Sock War (and noble death by a fellow knitter), a kid graduating from college, one that graduates from high school on Monday, and oh yeah.......a job and family, too. The only good thing about the business trips was that those long plane flights provide lots of knitting time.

First up, the mere beginnings of a project I had a lot of help on. The Doctor Who Charity Afghan! Tons and tons of my Ravelry friends knitted up and sent me 4x4 bias squares made from fingering leftovers.......ah.....last year! I finally got around to starting to sew them up. I spent literally months procrastinating on this project, paralized by the fear that I would start sewing the squares together and I would ruin the hard work of many kind people (that, and sometimes my color theory doesn't work so well). So one day, I took a flyer and started sewing. It seems that there really is no "wrong answer" with this project! (Thank God!) Every arrangement looks great. Haven't gotten too far on this, as yet, but check back for progress. Eventually this will be offered for auction on Ebay to benefit Doctors Without Borders.

Next, my "weapon of choice" in Sock Wars. The wonderful Air Raid pattern done in Brown Sheep's Wildfoote luxury sock. Great yarn, and a great pattern. I killed my target promptly, only to be exterminated myself by a novice sock knitter and her Barcelona socks.

The neophyte sock knitter, Openbook, sent me a soft and comfy demise. I'm looking forward to wearing socks that I didn't knit when the weather gets cooler again.

And finally, my current labor of love...The Grad Ghan for #2 son done in Wichita State University's school colors, black and gold (Woo!! Shock!!) Granted it looks like a giant bumble bee at the moment, but when it is done, it will be the wonderful Wooly Thoughts >"Long and Winding Road" pattern. Woolly Thoughts patterns are easy enough, yet creative enough to keep a confirmed anti-ghan knitter like me deleriously entertained! I love the miles and miles of mindless garter stitching combined with the absolute knowledge that this thing is gonna be AWESOME when it's done. It's what keeps me knitting on the darn thing!

So I have officially updated you on all the interesting things going on. OK, so there is business stuff, but really, that is so much of my life right now, I don't want to talk about it here. Knitting is my joy, my kids are a constant source of amazement. The realization that I will soon have two out of the house and only one at home is just starting to dawn on me. I really don't know if I should be happy about it, or sad. Right now, I just take it as it comes.

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Kelli said...

Those are Purdue's colors as well . . .

Glad you're enjoying the Afghan. I'm hopping from project to project right now. Can't seem to steady myself.