Friday, February 26, 2010


OK, this is a rant that has been building up for a while and it has decided that it needs to come out NOW!!!

I am sick to shit of people bitching and moaning about how awful things are for them. Yes, the economy is not great (it HAS been worse), Yes, the real estate market isn't what it was (but let's face it, the market was way crazy and just a little bit beyond anything resembling reality. Downturn can also mean someone decided that it had gotten just a bit too crazy). Rich people aren't as rich as they were two years ago, and they aren't happy about that (Boo-Hoo, I don't CARE!). And my sons' little spoiled bitch girlfriends can't get mummy and daddy to buy them a new pair of Jimmy Choos.

Get a little perspective people!!! There are people literally DYING for the opportunity to be allowed to learn to read! People who have lost everything they ever owned (and it wasn't much to begin with) in an earthquake that flattened their whole country! We have young soldiers fighting extremism in all forms all over the world, but we can't even get two political parties together in the same room to intelligently discuss healthcare reform. Be grateful that OUR politicians don't settle disagreements between each other by shooting at each other. (Instead, they much prefer implying that the opposing party is helping load the handbasket that the world is going to hell in).

So, I'm going to propose something Amazing, Improbable, and just a little Crazy. Be NICE to each other! Smile. Say "Thank You." Tell someone you appreciate the work they've done. Set aside your pocket change and donate it to a cause you care about (and don't criticize someone if they think another cause is more important to them). Give some one a smile, a compliment, a helping hand. No one person is going to change the world, but if each one of us does one good thing....we can move mountains.


Conservative Knitter said...

AHEM!!Very well said!

Tiny Tyrant said...

You said it.

And hell I won't even buy myself a pair of Jimmy Choo let alone some little ding bat that doesn't know the value of a $1.


Mariposa said...

Thank you for saying it. I'm SO glad someone else is thinking it.