Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Just stuff...................

OK, so I am trying to embark on this blogging thing again. If anyone reads this, leave me a comment, so I know you're out there. Then I will try to be much more entertaining.

Today, I had to take the big guy, Otto, to the vet today. He has been violently shaking his head for a few days, so we thought something was up. Yup, there was, he has a yeast infection in his ears. Although the head-shaking was kind of entertaining, the vet told me that the head-shaking can rupture part of Otto's ear, causing a pooling of blood in his ear and then requiring surgery! Sooooo, on top of the yeast infection medicine, we have to keep him doped up on Benadryl for a couple of days to keep the itching sensation down and stop the head-shaking.
On the knitting front, I am trying to finish the aran baby blanket I started a while back. One more square to knit. But I noticed a small-to-middlin' mistake on one of the finished ones yesterday, so I had to frog out five rows and reknit it. Not a biggie, just an annoyance. I am using a three needle bind-off to join the squares together. So I have to pick up stitches on the ends, and then do the bind-off. Time consuming, but they look really good. Can't deny that. I am contemplating doing an i-cord edging all around the blanket, too. Again, time consuming, but I think it will give the blanket the ultimate in finishes. If I can ever figure out how to get pictures on this thing, I will post a picture of the blanket before I give it to the deserving baby. Face it, is there ever a baby who does not deserve a wonderful blanket? Heck! If I vaugely know the person having the baby I will make them something. I'm not too particular. Knitting baby stuff is just way too fun!!

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KnitterBunny said...

Aly, I've had you in my blog queue for months and I almost took you off last week b/c it had been so long since you posted. But I'm glad you're back.

Now if you can just work on the regular posting. :)