Sunday, May 06, 2007


I so totally have to tell on my dear hubby. He went on a short business trip this week. On his way back home, he was waiting for his flight and happened to be sitting next to a woman who was knitting baby booties on double pointed needles. After watching her for a few minutes, he turns to her and says "ya know, that would be easier if you knit them on two circular needles...."

She of course, turned to him with an absolutely incredulous look on her face - so what the heck does a big ole' bearded guy know about sock knitting! He goes on to say....."you're obsessed with it, aren't you?" And of course we all know she nodded - still a little dumbfounded.

Then dear hubby, all sympathy, "My wife is too" and reaches in to his carry-on bag and pulls out some of my handiwork - a pair of handknit socks! Frankly, he doesn't travel without a couple pairs of the socks I have knit for him.

I have him talking to strange women in airports about you think I can get him to knit his own socks soon?

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KnitterBunny said...

Oh, that's good. That's very good. lol