Wednesday, April 16, 2008

For Your Viewing Pleasure

Well, it is done! and a full 24 hours ahead of schedule - The Syrian Shawl, ladies and gentlemen! Really I am pretty proud of this. It is only my second triangular shawl (with knitted on border) AND my first successful foray into laceweight knitting. Tried it before - failed misrably. Which was really bad, since I had difficulty resisting not buying it. Now I can pull out all my skeins of laceweight and start making plans!

That edging used every blocking pin I had and then some to get it pinned out, but the cool thing is laceweight dries in a flash, so a couple hours on the board and it was done.

Now lets hope a new shawl makes this sow's ear look like a silk purse tomorrow night. If you're very good, I will post a pic with the shawl wearing me tomorrow night.