Tuesday, July 08, 2008

The Long Goodbye

Last pic of the Wedding Lace. It certainly wins the "most photographed project" prize around my house. I love this to death - and of course, it goes to it's new home on Sunday. Isn't that the way a knitter's life goes? The things we love the most never stay. We have to say goodbye to them.

Now this next stuff is my latest find, and I love it! It's called Flat Feet. It's a machine knit flat piece of superwash merino fingering weight. It's knitted undyed and then dyed after it has been knitted flat. THEN, you knit right off the flat and into your sock. The result is a hand-dyed sock yarn that is a total surprise until it comes out. Grab-bag knitting at it's finest. Knitpicks offers the pre-knitted blanks, so you the hand-dyers among you can do this yourself. After I finish playing with at least one of my Flat Feet "skeins" (would you really call them skeins?). I might try my hand at dyeing a couple of the Knitpicks blanks. Do I detect a new obsession looming?

I'm knitting a top secret project that has been bandied about on a couple Ravelry boards, and puttering around with a sock in Maizy, too. This is a wonderful non-wool sock yarn.

That's about it on the knitting front. My DH's insistence that I become more involved in the family business, and a flare-up of tendonitis (or arthritis, Dr. doesn't know which) has slowed my knitting progress considerably. The Doctor wanted to know if I could lay off the knitting entirely for a few weeks....yeah, right. Silly Doctor.

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Kelli said...

Darn tootin'. Silly Dr. I've been wearing braces at night when I knit so that I can knit longer and maintain rhythm without pain. I'm kind of in marathon session while I finish my State Fair projects. It wouldn't be the fair unless you were blocking the night before now would it?