Thursday, July 24, 2008


Wounded...I'm woooounded......battered and broken and bruised.......

Like the song says, I'm wounded. Seems like I have developed tendonitis in my thumb. Yeah, I said it, my THUMB! Didn't think thumbs were so important in knitting. Heck, I didn't think thumbs were that important at all! But try to hold a US 1 knitting needle for an hour, hit the spacebar on the computer, or twist the lid off a jar without using your left thumb. The doctor and the occupational therapist both say I shouldn't knit at all for up to four weeks, wear the black brace from hell, and try to not use that thumb at all (except for gentle flexibility exercises). Yeah, right. Ravelympics start on August 8th and I'm signed up for the Sweater Sprint.

I have gotten a few things done, however.....a pair of baby booties (no baby to go into them, just booties....)

And half a pair of socks.....

A bunch of other stuff on the needles, but nothing significant. I'm stuck in a knitting space warp. I knit and knit an seem to get nowhere fast. But I'm itchin' to do another big lace. Seems like the only thing that makes me happy these days.

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Kelli said...

That just really sucks.