Monday, December 01, 2008


Yes, I have been Lame. My content has been next to nothing lately....(did you try the recipe?) And my determination to successfully navagate my first NaNoWriMo came to naught. Please explain how first time novelists with kids, and husbands, and jobs, and REAL lives, ever get that first book down on paper?

I have been knitting, however. I have some finished projects, some half-finished projects, and some really good starts to show off.

In finished projects, I present the first of my holiday knitting. A hat for my nephew Evan. We visited Ravelry together and he fell in love with this Snowboarder Hat That Rocks pattern.
It worked up pretty quickly pulling two skeins of Cascade 220 Superwash. Nice hat, nice result, and happy teenaged boy at Christmas. Such a deal.

Also finished (about a month ago, sorry) is my Hey Teach sweater. I've been holding off taking picks of it because I need to wash it again, or the light is bad, or I'm not wearing the right top to show it off properly. If I wait for all the conditions to be right, it will never have it's own picture. So here it is.
Really, I love this sweater, Easy to make, fun to wear, and it goes with tons of stuff. I plan on making another one in cotton for the spring.

In half-finished, I have half a pair of socks for me done. Those will be going on the "Let It Wait" pile until after Christmas. Also on the "Let It Wait" pile will be my February Lady sweater. I wish I could get this done in time for the holidays....I love it already, but knitting for others always comes before knitting for self...right? When am I going to get over that bull-crap thinking?

On the starting block is a pair of fingerless mitts for my niece, Heather. It's a pretty straightforward knit. With this one, it's the yarn that makes the piece. This soft, "heathery" blue is perfect for my petite niece (pleeze, a light breeze could knock her over - but she's not afraid to shoo her mom out of the kitchen when there's baking to be done!)

I have a couple other small holiday projects on the horizon for the various "Phews" and "Ieces," even a couple for my own kids perhaps.

I also have a felting project due for an auction, but not until early January. That will be my "holiday break" knitting.

What, you don't plan knitting especially for vacations?


Kelli said...

I've been having all kinds of fun knitting for myself. I got my knitting for others mostly done and now I have to wait for yarn to come. :)

IrishgirlieKnits said...

Wow!! All your knits are gorgeous!! The Hey Teach is on my to-do list (but like you, holiday knitting gets in the way of sweater knitting!).

Love the Snowboarder hat! Great job!