Tuesday, February 03, 2009

I've Seen Everything

It's Official.....I have NOW seen everything when it comes to knitting. Was visiting my usual rounds of my favorite blogs and found this on Mason-Dixon Knitting. A graphic novel for knitters! I am simultaneously incredulous and thrilled. I want a copy of this comic so badly.......but I don't want anyone to know I would actually buy it. Geez, talk about dirty little secrets. I have a couple of swaps to buy stuff for.....Hhhhhmmmmmm, hey swapees, how do you feel about "modern art?"

Also finished my Clever Shawl for the school auction. O.K., so the pic is a bit fuzzy. I'm still trying to learn how to control my new camera. But fuzzy is good.....the shawl is all fuzzy and soft, just like a nice bit of wool and alpaca should be.

Oh hey! one last thing.....I hurt not at all! from my first week two workout. That ROCKS! I'm actually looking forward to tomorrow's workout.

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