Friday, February 06, 2009

In Memoriam

We witness this day the passing of an old of my first pairs of handknitted socks. Granted, it was not the first pair I knitted. Those, I hate to admit, were done in such a hideous color of self-striping yarn, that they are destined to live in my sock-drawer forever, since I so seldom can bring myself to wear them. But rather my recently departed socks were worn so often, in all but the warmest of summer weather, that they served me long and hard for three winters before finally expiring at the toe. But they lived a good and useful life, providing their final day of service in a new pair of Dansko boots.

These socks, my dear reader (yeah, I know there's only ONE of you out there), went out at the top of their game!

There are new pairs of socks on the horizon (there is
always a new pair of socks on the needles somewhere around here), and they may be fancier than my old blue, aloe-impregnated, top-down socks - I have progressed to lace and toe-up patterns - but they will always be my first. Among the first made, the first loved, and now......the first lost to old age. Rest well my old friends.


Kelli said...

Darn it. No, I mean, darn the toe. Well, I mean, fix the hole by darning it with a darning needle and . . . this realy isn't coming out quite right. lol

Dianne said...

Your sock will surely be missed by the rest of the sock drawer. To paraphrase the great Billy Joel, "Only the good socks die young."

Tiny Tyrant said...

I'm seeing more then 1 person commenting here honey.

RIP dear sock.

Now go make some news one. :-)