Monday, July 27, 2009

Hot! Hot! HOTT!

Ok, I will admit it. I live in the beautiful Pacific Northwest and we are used to beautiful, pleasant, mild summers. A place where we consider brief periods when the temperature goes over 80 degrees to be "heat waves." But for the second time this summer, we are experiencing an extended period of 90+ degree weather. This, my friends, is flat out intolerable. You see, we Northwesterners don't usually have air conditioning in our houses. Why??? Honestly, hell if I know. Being used to rather mild weather most of the year, we aren't used to heat even for a few days during the summer. Ao don't you think we would make air con a priority? Unfortunately, Pacific Northwesterner practicality tells us that having air conditioning for just a few days of unpleasant weather is just ridiculous! That argument sounds really good in April when we are just getting out from under months of rainy, overcast gloom. But during the last week of July...that argument is just plain stupid!

I am hot, sweaty, uncomfortable, and can't manage to wear little enough clothes to make me comfortable without causing a scandal. And I tell ya, menopause does not make this summer any more tolerable. I have begun thinking that moving to Iceland would be a good idea. I've heard the men are tall and handsome there. And have names like manly man Viking names like Gunnar and Gudrun. To hell with's cooler there! That's all I care about at this moment.

Sorry, two posts and know pictures. But I don't think you want to see pictures of melting middle-aged women.

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Kelli said...

Well, you know you're welcome to visit. :) We're having one of the mildest summers ever. I think we've only been above 90 for 5 days this entire summer. That's unheard of in this part of the country.