Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Eastbound and Down!

Tomorrow, we begin the great trek East to take #2 son and his esteemed girlfriend (the one who decorates cake with Fondant!) to their home away from home for the next four years - Wichita State University.

Wichita State University!!??!! What's up with THAT, you may ask. Well, with an across the board 17% tuition increase at Washington State Colleges and Universities, and the $3000 academic scholarship he received from Wichita State, it is actually CHEAPER for #2 son to go to college out of state, than right here in Washington. Besides, they have an awesome baseball program (we're keeping our fingers crossed for that one) and an amazing business program there.

OK, so that's the positives of the school, but no matter how you cut it, this drive is gonna SUCK....BIG TIME. Nine hours a day of driving for three days, across half the dang country!! Only good thing to think about is that when I'm not doing my driving shifts, I can be knitting. Maybe I'll get the mate to this sock done............

Absolutely sucky picture, I know...but hey....Ansel Adams, I'm not. Sock #1 was finished on a road trip to San Francisco via the Oregon Coast. How beautiful!! How Romantic!! You may think......Not so. First it was for a business trip (although the drive in the Corvette WAS nice)...and second, this is mostly what our views of the Oregon Coast looked like:

Beautiful.....but kind of, um.....foggy. All the way down the coast!

I would show you all the pictures I took of San Francisco, but - um - well, it would be pictures of one hotel meeting room after another. Finally got more than 5 blocks away from the hotel when we hit Fisherman's Wharf for lunch, on our way out of town!

So tomorrow, it's on the road again...........

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