Sunday, August 16, 2009

Things I Have Missed

Things I have missed while on this God-forsaken roadtrip......

1) my Husband
2) my youngest son
3) my dogs
4) my BED!!
5) Kate Hudson at the Mariner's game (apparently)
6) eating decent food
7) being able to sleep past 6am
8) decent quality toilet paper (do NOT ask)
9) not having heartburn on a daily basis
10)my knitting stash (I have been working on the same socks for 4 days straight, and it's beginning to drive me batty!)

Things I have discovered while on this God-forsaken roadtrip......

1) there are a number of clean bathrooms in gas stations these days
2) there are no Chevron gas stations east of Idaho
3) because of #2 the balance on my AmEx is going to be HUGE this month
4) although the drive is boring, Wyoming has some awesome geology
5) Wyoming also has awesome wind farms
6) contrary to popular belief, most of Colorado is FLAT, and I mean F-L-A-T!!
7) the world needs a vegetarian fast food chain of restaurants
8) lightening storms are cool in Kansas (as long as you're in your comfy hotel room)
9) I'm really dreading the return trip
10) next time my of my kids decides to go out of state for college.....He's FLYING there....ALONE!!

1 comment:

Tiny Tyrant said...

Hehe, I've been that route.

Get out of Kansas has fast as you can because it's WAY flatter than Colorado.