Sunday, May 18, 2008

I'm Baaaaack!

So, we're back from our trek to our Great Nation's Capital - otherwise known as the alternately wet and hot Washington, D.C. Did a lot of REALTOR schmoozing, got drunk for the very first time in my life, and tried to work on my SockWars III socks. Still not done, but not doing too bad.

The SockWars sock was a good traveling companion, and visited several DC landmarks.....

The sock visited The White House:

The sock was afraid to get any closer, for fear of being arrested by the Secret Service and sent to Gitmo as a "Sock of Mass Destruction."

The sock went to Camden Yards in Baltimore to watch the Orioles beat the Red Socks...

And the sock sought a photo op at The Library of Congress:

The sock was also secretly in on a couple congressional meetings, but no photographic evidence of this exists.

The sock did NOT accompany a rowdy group of REALTORS to The Russia House, where we discovered the joys of orange/pineapple infused vodka (YUM!!) and Baltika #9 beer. Hey, while looking for that link, I discovered that The Russia House actually serves FOOD! Wow, maybe I'll actually eat dinner there next year!

I used to be a good girl.....then I went to DC with my hubby......I drank way too much vodka and learned my hubby knows the cure for bedspins.

Washington, DC has one serious deficiency, however. Apparently, there is only ONE yarn shop in DC - granted, it has three locations, but still only one shop. That must be a sin. Although I did score some fab-u-lous black merino fingering weight for a new shawl there.

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