Friday, May 30, 2008

Late Update

Finished these socks a couple of weeks ago for #3 son. Scares me that, at 10, his feet are nearly as large as mine (and I'm not a dainty-feet kind of girl). On the other hand, it makes knitting socks for him a breeze. Just act like I'm casting on for me, and make 'em a little bit shorter.

The cold is better, although the cough lingers (and how). I became a hazard to traffic safety yesterday when I was stricken with a coughing fit on the freeway. No water in the car, no tissues, eyes watering, and coughing my head off. So fun. I was actually so sick that I didn't knit for THREE DAYS! Ye Gods, did the world come to an end??

Looking through my old posts I found a couple of drafts that I never published. One is still relevant:

A bunch of my Doctor Who Ravelry friends and I, have gone completely insane and are going to knit a bias square Charity Blanket, a la Oliver's Blanket over at Mason-Dixon Knitting (page down to see these girls great work) When it's done, it will be auctioned off on Ebay to benefit Doctors Without Borders. Doctor Who....Doctors Without Borders....get it??

I had a few squares started........

But I've knitted a few more besides,

and am anxiously awaiting the packages from my friends to arrive, so I can start playing with everyone's squares and see what we all can come up with. Actually there are plans for two blankets - a North American and a European blanket. That way, my international friends don't have to pay an arm and a leg in shipping costs to get those squares over on my side of the pond. Thanks to Merrypippin for volunteering to take up the assembly chores on the European blanket. I'll be posting about progress on this once in a while. Plan on clearing out some space on those credit cards so you can bid on these beauties when they come up for auction.

And although the squares are fun, I needed to create more leftover sock yarn, so I started a new pair of socks for #3.

Did a little stash-diving and came up with this Sockotta yarn that makes a pretty good "guy-sock." Like the colorway so much, I have to keep reminding myself that the socks are not for ME!

Lots of baseball games in my future, so expect the socks to come pretty fast and furious for a while.

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