Thursday, June 05, 2008

Birthday Boy

The youngest boy is 11 years old today. At 2:13 pm, eleven years ago, I gave birth to our third, and final, baby. A BIG baby....9lb., 13oz.

Now, normally, I wouldn't publish pictures of my kids on the net - but let's face it......nobody is really going to notice my boy standing next to the loveliness that is "Heidi The Seagal." Heidi is one of my son's many girlfriends - he is "the Playa."

Dad is out of town at the moment, but when he is back, boy has declared that his birthday dinner must be at Hooters (I told ya he was a Playa.) I will break my picture rule for that,too, because little boys surrounded by hot girls in tight orange shorts is just hilarious!

On the knitting front, I am about 3/4 the way through a second new pair of socks for boy. Did a little stashbusting to do these, and I'm really liking my find.

I also pulled out a half-completed Diamond Fantasy shawl to finish yesterday. I forgot how fun, and EASY this pattern is! After languishing in my UFOs for months, just picked this up and started it up without any futtering about on figuring out where I was.
I mentioned that I love this shawl, right?

I'm really developing a severe shawl jones again, so I have to get a few done and try to deplete my yarn stash just a bit (yeah, right!).

Happy Birthday Boy!

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