Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Bits and Pieces

Check out the latest issue of Craft. Knitted Chucks!

I held the magazine in my hands for a good 10 minutes, trying to legitimize the $15.00 cover price for ONE pattern. But checking the website, you can now get a year’s digital only subscription for $26.95. That’s about $7.50 an issue, and it’s environmentally sound!…..(wanders off to check my credit card balance again).

I have a number of things on the verge of completion. Will do a pictorial when I get them done.

Just a taste for now.....The Diamond Brocade baby blanket is done.

Loved the pattern, hated how I finished it. A quick check on Ravelry showed that others have done what I am thinking about doing next time.....Knitting the blanket and foregoing the embroidery and lining. I would do the lining again, but I think I would do something like quilting the diamonds together with the lining, so they stay together. The embroidery? Heck no! I hate embroidering on knitting! You have seen my first and last attempt!

Had to add this bit of video loveliness. I don't know who holluwoodgrrl is, but he/she/it is an amazing video editor.

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