Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Actual Knitting Content

Strangely enough, there has been some knitting going on around here! But as usual, work is getting in the way.
These are my first successful toe-up socks! Hubby loves them. I learned that toe-ups work best with a sewn cast-off (well, at least when I'm knitting them). I've also learned that I love knitting toe up!

As you can see from my second pair of toe-ups - started immediately after finishing my first pair.......
There are also third and fourth pairs in process. Part of my enthusiasm for sock knitting - not that it ever really dims - is that my sister-in-law's mother absolutely loves my hand-knitted socks, and she turns 90 in just a couple weeks. I hope to have at least 3 pair all knit up to give her by May 14th. Normally, I wouldn't be so enthusiastic about knitting socks for someone who is not my husband, but Phyllis loves my socks so much, and I can't deny a sweet little old lady her heart's desire.

And I've added more stitch markers to my burgeoning collection. I'm still trying to figure out exactly WHEN I'm going to use all these stitch markers I'm making........since I really do try to use markers as little as possible. Another reason for liking knitting toe-up. I can do it without using any markers at all!

The exercise thing has not been going well, mainly because I had to have a bit of surgery on one of my toes last week to remove some nastily ingrown toenails and a bone spur. Had to get this done before going to Washington DC in May. Walking around in DC (and there is ALWAYS walking in DC) and bone spurs do not make a good combination. So the surgery was a priority, so I am healed by May 11th. Please God, let me be healed by May 11th. Of course, snotty regular exerciser Hubby pointed out that I could still use the stationary bike.

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