Thursday, December 20, 2007

Almost to the end of the F.O. Trail

Behold, the third and final fair isle hat for my nephews. All in their school colors. Now the clock is running on my fifth Xmas knitting project, the Argyle Stocking for my youngest. Made wonderful progress Wednesday. Did the entire leg, heel flap, heel turn and the picked up stitches. Then I got stuck! I had appointments all thursday and didn't get to my knitting guru. So first thing Friday, a trip to Cultured Purls for wisdom from Shannon, my personal knitting Goddess. She helped me figure out what was wrong (one was me, the other was the pattern), and got me started again (Thanks Shannon!). But on the way home, I got thinking - always a dangerous And I decided that it would be easier and hopefully faster, if I did an Afterthought heel instead of a heel flap. So I ripped our the picked up stitches, the heel turn, the heel flap; put in some waste yarn and started in on the pattern again and am working down the foot. Only 12 more rows of pattern to go before the toe decreases; then I add the heel, and I'm done. I still may get there. Pray to the Knitting Goddesses for me!

And when I haven't been knitting, I have been making Lefse! A lovely result.....SEE

But Lordy what a mess! I am still cleaning flour off my countertops. And for some reason, it has hardened into concrete!

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