Monday, December 03, 2007

Here then Gone!

<<<<<<This was my house on Saturday

This was my house on Sunday>>>>>>

This my friends is December in Washington State. Don't like the weather? Wait 20 minutes, it will change. We had a windstorm last December that knocked the power out to almost all the western half of the state for up to 10 days in some areas. We've gotten a little weird about unpredictable weather these days.

This was suburban flooding in a neighboring town today.

Krisdutch offered up a PIF opportunity the other day, and I bit. Kris is going to send me a special handmade gift, but I have to now "Pay Forward" her generosity to three other people. I have to PIF in the next 365 days, and so would you. The first three people who leave a comment, will get a handmade something from me within the next 365 days.......not before Christmas - I gar-un-tee! So, let me know you're reading this, and I will send you something fun. Remember, you have to be willing to share, too.

Two more holiday knitting projects have snuck into my knitting queue, and I have no idea how they got there..........Oh yeah, now I remember, I think there are 48 hours in each day, and I have not one thing to do!

Now the list stands like this, three fairisle hats (two done), two pairs of socks (one may be going away), a new Xmas stocking for #3 son, a beanie for hubby, AND a knitted Santa hat for #3 son. This last one got dumped on me Sunday afternoon, and #3 has been a huge pain in the arse about it ever since. "Are you done yet?" "Are you done yet?" He forgets I have the last minute details for a 200+ person Holiday party to take care of before Wednesday. But hey...he NEEDS that had for the party on Wednesday! Everything else can go to hell in a handbasket, as long as his hat gets done!

What am I doing blogging? I have a Santa hat to knit!

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I see what you mean about snow...