Saturday, March 29, 2008

Kid Merino Syrian Shawl

In an effort to have a new accessory to wear with my stand-by LBD, I am trying my hand at knitting a Syrian Shawl from Victorian Knits Today with Crystal Palace Kid Merino (otherwise known as the "economical knitter's Kid Silk Haze"). Lace weight yarn and I have had a love/hate relationship for quite a while. I have a ton of it, mostly because I can't resist the colors and feel, but I have yet to complete any project I've started using laceweight. This project may be the one that gets me over the hump. The Syrian pattern is way easy to remember, and I can happily keep knitting it until I get the size of shawl I want. The only real challenging part will be the knitted lace border, but that isn't a new technique to me, so I should be pretty comfortable with the yarn by then. I am, at this point, genuinely optomistic. I'm even considering adding beads to the border.

Do I have the Diamond Brocade blanket finished?
The socks for #3 son?
The Diamond Fantasy Shawl........ah........NO!

What are you, the Knitting Monitor?!?!!

I need to try to finish this shawl by April 17th for an event I have to go to, so this comes first - and that ladies is my rationalization for starting a new project, so there!

Have to say that I am officially in L - O - V - E with the Addi Turbo lace needles. Started this shawl on bamboo, and got tired of trying to do K2togs with dull points. Switched to a pair of Addi turbos I had in my needle stash and they were a little better, but still went out this morning and bought a pair of the Turbo Lace - had to resist the urge to change my needles out right there in the LYS. You really don't see a difference between the Addi Turbo and the Turbo Lace needles until you try them......really. I still love my bamboo - there's something natural and smooth about them that I can't give up, but for socks and fine lace, the turbo and turbo lace are THE thing.

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knitterbunny said...

I rather like the Addi turbo lace for lace projects. They are my "go to" needle for lace projects.