Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Light at the end of the tunnel

Auction shawl #2 is STILL kickin' my butt, but I added on skein #4 today......that will be the last full skein in the shawl. Only a partial skein after that and I'm done. But Lord, am I getting antsy......I keep paging longingly through patterns, reading about triangle lace shawls, and scrutinizing the yardage on some of my skeins to see if I have enough to make a Diamond Fantasy shawl like the one the Yarn Harlot made a while ago. I have at least three skeins of sock yarn that will do the job, and they're calling to me. Oh Alyson, come look at our soft and shawly goodness.

And while I am getting bored out of my skull knitting the zig zag pattern, my brain plays little tricks on me, telling me of more interesting ways to modify the pattern for a yummy skein of seasilk I have.

Can you tell, I am having a true love-hate relationship with this shawl.

And THEN, there is the little voice that's telling me that I should give toe-up socks another shot, because the rumor is that the Sock Wars pattern this year is a toe-up. I have never done a successful one, and I feel a need to practice to prevent my getting assinated in the first round of sock play.

How much longer can I keep working on this thing??????

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