Friday, March 21, 2008

Knitting Schizophrenia

After finishing the Auction Shawl of Doom, I have lapsed into a period of knitting schizophrenia. One day, it's the Diamond Fantasy Shawl - the next I am obsessed with Clapotis - the day after that, I ripped out Clapotis and worked on my latest baby blanket while discovering another yarn shop and buying yarn for yet ANOTHER shawl, a skein of Lorna's Laces Shepherd Sock for baby booties and added to my collection of random skeins of Noro for a Lizard Ridge afghan (a future project......sometime.

I made pretty good progress on the Diamond Fantasy Shawl during the Real Estate conference I went to on Monday.

Real Estate continuing education classes are great knitting times - the knitting keeps the part of your brain that says you're getting bored from getting bored (Thank God! It's not like these real estate classes are fun or anything). It also kept me out of the snacks that the Bell Harbor Conference Center in Seattle offers during the conferences held there. The place is wall-to-wall food - fortunately, my knitting obesssion trumps my food obsession (sometimes). But the diamond fantasy shawl is not for "on-the-go" knitting, so it is relagated to at home or long stationary periods of knitting. Oh, using the addi turbo lace needles for the first time with this shawl.....what can I say, I'm in love! They really are nice to work with. And I can feel a difference. This was something I doubted initially, but it doesn't take much hands-on experience with them to recognize the difference.

I've also been working on a Diamond Brocade baby blanket (is there a theme developing here?) from Blankets Booties and Hats to Knit and Crochet.

This has been languishing for a while, but now the baby this is for is due in barely a month and I have to get to work. I started getting the rythym of the pattern yesterday, so real progress is beginning to be made. It's still portable - but a few more repeats and that may change.

I think I am settling down again. The baby blanket is drawing most of my attention, but there is a sock in progress in my purse, AND the Diamond Fantasy shawl is always on my mind.......and three other shawl projects on idle in my brain. Ya know, if I could just grow a couple more sets of arms like the goddess Durga.

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