Tuesday, March 25, 2008


Well, I am on a sock jag at the moment. After knitting two shawls to the total exclusion of everything else, I needed a little sock therapy. Besides, I've been promising my youngest that I will work on new sock sizing for him - 10 year olds and their feet, what can I say! It's plain jane 2x2 rib, but the goal is to calculate a sock size that will fit him for a while, or at least until his feet grow again!

The Diamond Brocade baby blanket is going along quite well. I have the body of the blanket just about half-way knitted. If I keep going at my repeat and a half per day pace, I should have the body finished by the beginning of next week (I hope!). Then I only need to knit the edgings and do the scattered embroidery. Plenty of time before the May 2, due date. I may actually get to that Bobbi Bear for the baby's big sister!

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Anonymous said...

Socks are always a good reprieve. :)