Friday, March 07, 2008

Still Rockin' the Anny

The official Anniversary day was Wednesday, March 5th, and hubby didn't disappoint - maybe I should say his assistant didn't. Received a lovely arrangement of 25 sterling silver roses on the day. These are very cool for two reasons: 1) it is our silver wedding anniversary and 2) sterling silver roses were the roses used at our wedding. They are really cool, but pretty hard to find.

They are this amazing pinkish, soft purple-ish color. The photo doesn't do them justice. Unfortunately, they are also rather delicate, so they are starting to bloom-out already. But I love them while I have them.

As for knitting content. Auction shawl #2 is going more reliably, but hardly any faster. I have rarely been so bored knitting something.....I just want it done so bad, so of course it is taking forever.

I even started a new shawl from Victorian Lace Today this week, just to break up the monotony, but the knowledge that I need to get that auction shawl done keeps nagging at me. Funny thing is, the pattern is starting to grow on me. I have a single skein of SeaSilk that I plan to use a variation of the zigzag lace on to make a scarf. I think it would look lovely. I'm just desperate to make something for myself after the holiday knitting madness directly followed by baby blanket knitting, followed by auction knitting. I haven't made anything for myself in months. And I haven't added to my personal shawl wardrobe for nearly a year. Now THAT is a sad turn of events.


Kate said...

Saw your comment on Yarn Harlot's blog. Should you run out of yarn in my fair city/metro area in May try Stitch DC and Knit Happens. Stitch's Hill location on 8th St is 3 blocks from Eastern Market Metro and Knit Happens is 15ish minute walk from King Street metro. ( and

knitterbunny said...

Maybe a spate of all for Aly is appropriate? ;)

The shawl looks lovely though.

Anonymous said...

Hi -- this might seem a little crazy, but I am looking for Sterling Silver roses for my wedding day (they were my grandmother's favorite) and I can't find them ANYWHERE! Would you please tell me the name of the florist your charming husband (or assistant) uses? Thank you so much in advance!

amyfinn at mac dot com