Wednesday, January 02, 2008

The 2007 Count

I have noticed that several bloggers have done end-of-year knitting inventories. I might give this a try, but since I only really keep track of my sock-knitting, this could be a bit of a challenge.......

This is what I came up with:

8 pair of socks;
7 Fair Isle hats (can you tell I learned to fair isle this year?);
4 or 5 shawls (since I give most away, can't be sure);
2 baby blankets;
3 charity scarves;
2 Tilli Thomas bags (none for me!);
1 Xmas stocking;
2 baby sweaters;
3 pair Fetching mitts started Summer of 06, thumbs finally added Fall of 07.

That is all I can recall. The big questions is....what UFO's do I still have:

A sweater for me that I started in 2003(?) and just needs sewing up;
A pair of fingerless gloves (started last summer);
A pair of socks for me (started before the holiday knitting frenzy);
A sweater for #2 son (ditto);
A graduation afghan for #1 son (he graduated HS in 2004);
A baby blanket (started after holiday knitting frenzy);
A shawl for a cousin (needs to be done by THIS Saturday);
A shawl for my mom (oh, we won't discuss this!);
A felted purse (that is mostly knitted, and I am NOT loving);

Strangely enough, I actually DO finish the books I read!!

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KnitterBunny said...

Oh, you're a goof. lol Knit something that makes you happy; or else why knit?