Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Snow. AGAIN?

It has snowed for the second time in a month. In most places in the northern United States, this would not be remarkable. But this is Washington, for Pete's Sake. It does not snow here on a regular basis - except on our ski slopes - where snow belongs! The kids had a one hour late start at school today. Not really a big deal, but not much help in the "waiting until it melts a bit" department either. If you were careful, driving was no big deal......except for being stuck behind an incredibly stupid woman that was driving up the rather steep hill up to the elementary school at FIVE miles per hour, while talking on her cell phone. Hang up the Friggin' Phone Bimbo!! I am not one of those cell phone hatin' people, but there are times when driving and talking is really stupid, and today is one of them! Now, it is cold, and the sun is shining, sky is blue, and it promises to get below freezing tonight. If you thought driving around today was fun.....wait until tomorrow morning, when the lovely sheet of ice is where the mushy snow is now.

But while I am comfy and warm and the snow is still pretty, I will share a picture of snow on my favorite Japanese Maple tree in my front yard.

The morning was spent watching Season 1, Disc 2 of The Tudors and working on some socks for ME! The work continues apace.

I love the colors in this yarn. Usually I'm not a huge purple fan, but that Trekking XXL just knows how to put colors together.

Why is it, once you get past the heel decreases on the first sock - the rest just blazes by? I am still working on the baby blanket, but I like the progress I'm making on these socks, too.

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Sherry said...

The snow on the Japanese maple is just beautiful!