Saturday, January 05, 2008

Rrrrrriiiiiiiiiiiiiipppp It!

I was knitting along on this lovely drop stitch shawl for our cousin-in-law who turns 40 today. I knew I was going to get it done in time when I started the bind-off last night. It should look like this:

I used the same yarn, the same color even........

What did mine look like? A droopy, saggy mess! The drop stitches were too "droppy" the panels of stockinette between the drop stitches were limp and lifeless. My only option was to rip it out. What I am going to do with three skeins of Soysilk Oasis? I can return the other three skeins (I planned to make one for myself, too). But now I have to find something to make with 600+ yarns of Soysilk, that doesn't involve dropstitches! Did I mention I never really liked dropstitches?

So now I am back to working on the lovely lace edging for a baby blanket from this book

I am in love with this book. There is a boatload of beautiful baby blankets in there. I plan to make at least four of them, and have the yarn already for three. And Spurkland (the author) shows you how to line knitted baby blankets with flannel. I LOVE this girl!!

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KnitterBunny said...

I used the Seafoam pattern I think and it was really pretty. You use various wraps like 1Yo, then 2Yo, then 3Yo, then 2, then 1 so that you get a rounded diamond effect. I can send you the pattern if you want. Oh, and if you're on Ravelry I have pictures in my projects. They are made with the SWTC Oasis soysilk stuff.