Monday, January 14, 2008

Just Noodlin' Along.............

Pretty much a quiet weekend. #3 had a basketball game, we had lunch at XXX Burger afterward. And NO, it is not a combination porn theater and drive-in. It is really called "XXX(triple x)Burger."

Sunday, #3 and I went to a reading by one of my favorite authors - Eoin Colfer. He is the sweetest Irish man who writes the Artemis Fowl series of children's books. He has a new non-Artemis book out called "Airman." Quite a fun read. #3 was hesitant to go to the reading, but a promise to eat lunch at Dick's Drive-in got him to go along. Now, he thinks Mr. Colfer is way cool, too. I just sat at the back of the room listening to him talk and knitting on the rose lace baby blanket. I could listen to Eoin Colfer talk all day. I am a sucker for a good Irish or Scottish accent! Successfully got the lace edging past the first corner and am ambling down the second side of the blanket. Granted, it's not terribly hard, but it is helping me understand about knitting on lace edges. I've done them before, but never with much confidence. This project is going a long way to increasing my confidence.

Also picked up the socks I started for myself months ago. Socks are perfect running around knitting, so I am hoping I will get quite a bit of this done in the next few days. I want a snazzy pair of purple socks!

Now I have to run off to the doctor to get my neck and back looked at. I have been having a bit of pain lately, and it is no longer fun.


KnitterBunny said...

Irish, Scottish, English, Australian. sigh. It's part of why I like watching foreign films. ;)

Tiny Tyrant said...

I'm with knitterbunny,

Why else would people (make that women) still turn out to see a Sean Connery film?

Okay, okay, it's not just the accent. :-)

Alyson said...

Oh yes it is!