Friday, January 11, 2008

All Over The Damn Place

After a highly productive holiday knitting season, I am now confronted with a bad case of "which way do I go." I had to go sit with my mom in the hospital yesterday - no worries, all is fine - so I stuffed my knitting bag with no less that FIVE projects. I just couldn't decide what to focus on. This is what I would consider "active" at this moment:

Bias squares to get my High School Charity Knitting group started on blankets for Afghans for Afghans. I've got enough yarn to do several blankets, so I'm hoping to get the kids all excited about this project. I inherited this beautiful wool from a cousin-in-laws mother. She would have liked seeing this yarn made into something to warm children in a struggling country, so I save this yarn for charity knitting. I don't even count it as part of my personal stash. I am it's custodian until it can be made into positive things.

A pair of socks for myself, that I started before the holidays fell on me hard. Maybe I can get them finished sometime soon. I need a new pair of socks!

A wonderful cotton baby blanket I started after I finished the holiday knitting. The pattern is from "Blankets, Hats and Booties to Knit and Crochet" by Kristen Spurkland. It has some great patterns if you are in the mood for some baby blanket knitting. I have the body of the blanket done, and have to still knit on the lace edging. Totally the reason for the whole blanket, IMO.

And this is one of two hats I have started. This is the boring hat my husband wanted. Three by two ribbing, long enough to turn up the brim, in a good hunting hat color. Yawn! The other is in such a nacent stage, it doesn't even photograph well.

And then there is THIS:

The Summer Shawlette I started for my mother, oh MONTHS ago, and decided I should finish. I had less than a dozen rows to finish, shouldn't take more than an hour or so, right?.......Do any of you who are familiar with this pattern notice something missing? How about, the LITTLE ARROWHEAD LACE panel that is supposed to be running down the back! Sooooooo that one has been sent to the frog pond. Besides, I found another faroese-style shawl that I liked the look of better to make for my mom, so I'm going to replace this dismal failure with something better. But I have to look on the bright side. If several people I know have girl babies, I am totally ready to make cute little baby sweaters with the five or six skeins of Blue Sky Organic Cotton that I had bought for the shawlette. Actually, if five or six strangers I know have girl babies, they might get sweaters!

Hopefully, I will have something finished soon to show you all.

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