Sunday, February 24, 2008


Finally finished Auction Shawl #1. I think it's great. I hope folks with money to bid on it feel the same way. It blocked like a dream. I think the color and the rawness of the yarn really works for an all-round wearable wrap. I can see it with a simple blouse and a pair of jeans, a floaty summer dress, or something dressy for evening.

Here are the particulars on the shawl - 21 inches wide by 75 inches long, knit in a mystery Shetland-like fingering weight Welsh wool, in a yummy lavender color. Cast on 84 stitches (9 - six stitch repeats, plus 2, plus 10 for the seed stitch border edges). Pattern is the Alternating Motif stitch from The Big Book of Knitting Stitch Patterns, page 207. Eight rows of seed stitch bordered the ends. Used about 5 skeins of yarn. There was no yardage on the ball band of the yarn but I figure they were at least 150 yards each.

Then I packaged it up all pretty-like. I figure you can get livelier bidding going on when even the packaging even looks nice. Even tucked in a little lavender sachet.

I started on shawl #2 yesterday. Originally my plan was to knit it length-wise. I cast on 387 stitches on to a 42-inch circular to knit it length-wise. But once I started on the actual pattern, I realized that I miscalculated, and ripped it all out. For efficiency's sake, I abandoned that plan and am going to knit it width-wise. But I am not giving up on that plan altogether. I still want to knit a length-wise shawl, but the time I have to complete this project won't allow me to do it this time. So after I get this one finished, I'll knit a new swatch, revisit my math (three or four times) and try again. One thing I did learn, however, those new Addi-Turbo lace needles ROCK!


knitterbunny said...

Looks great. And I love the Addi Lace. I have them in US 2-6, but I need to invest in the 1's as well. What pattern as you using for Shawl #2?

Tiny Tyrant said...

It's beautiful and my Tuscany stopped being the cursed project from Hades once I switched to the Addi Lace needled.

Yolar said...
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