Monday, February 11, 2008


I have been true to the Auction Shawl for the past week. Knitting exclusively on the lavender lovely. I have to admit, I usually have a pair of socks going at the same time, and right now, I don't. Even though two of my boys need new socks for the "Great Kansas Bird and College Hunting Trip of '08" The whole Fam Damily is going to Kansas in March to shoot birds (for me, read that "knit") and look at a couple of colleges for #2 son. Hubby swears by my handknit socks for warmth and comfort in the Kansas winters and early spring, so the boys need to be equally outfitted. Originally, I was not going on this trip, then hubby decided that I need to go. There goes my three days alone with just my knitting.

In preparation for the Safari, we trekked down to the new Cabela's store in Lacey to buy hiking boots. I have been told that it is the largest Cabela's store in the country....if it's not, it is missing a great chance to be. This sucker is HUGE! Imagine the largest Costco or Ikea you have ever seen - and add a second story to it! Oh yeah, there's a restaurant, a video shooting gallery, a gun library, a mountain and an aquarium in the store. They have a boat section....with six boats in one corner of the store - and they aren't crowded in! We spent four hours looking around in the store, and DH claimed we were "rushing" him. Of course, his idea of heaven is a Cabela's in his backyard.

I have to admit that I drew a few chuckles knitting while walking through Cabela's. I was not going to waste all that good knitting time!

But, I may have to cheat on the shawl soon........

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knitterbunny said...

I am by no means a hunter, but I took the ex there on our anniversary. I think I had to pull him off the floor. lol I rather liked the live fish in the one I went to. It was peaceful. I could have knit there for serveral hours.