Sunday, February 17, 2008


The announcement of registration for the upcoming round of Sock Wars came out the other day. I immediately signed up! I will likely die in short order, but I hope I last a few rounds at least. I have one small advantage.......The day after the War begins, I will be on a cross-country flight. All that lovely knitting time! (as long as the TSA doesn't "disarm" me at the airport). Hopefully I can develop my two at a time sock knitting skills enough by that point, to knit strong and FAST! I have about two months to "train." I am so excited by this, it's almost unreasonable!

Auction shawl #1 is approaching completion. I think I have about one more skein of yarn to knit in to it. Takes me about two days to knit in a skein. I have no idea of the yardage of each skein. I am thinking they are about 175 to 190 yards each. No pictures just yet. Looks the same as before, just longer. I am itching to get started on #2 however.

Took away from my knitting time yesterday to get my 2007 household records in order. So now I am ready for taxes. Really can't wait to get the taxes done early this year. We're getting a REFUND! That happens so rarely, that it is a genuine occasion when it does happen. Looks like I get my completely remodeled family room this year!

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Tiny Tyrant said...

I signed up too. Heaven help us all. I haven't finished a full set of socks yet. lol

But if I can finish hubby's new fingertip gloves within mere hours of one another I might last at least one round.