Friday, February 01, 2008

Mine. All MINE!

These are MY new socks! I know it sounds stupid to be so excited about finishing a pair of socks for myself, but so much of my knitting lately has been for others. It's nice to finally finish something for myself. I started these things the end of October and finally got them done yesterday. That's just too damn long to take to knit a pair of socks. But Holiday Knitting got in the way. We all understand that.

The particulars -

Yarn: Trekking XXL ombre (wish I could tell you the color, I keep losing the ball bands on this stuff) It's a purpily to almost baby blue with a touch of grey mixed in.
Needles: US1
Cast On: 64
Pattern: My own dubbed "DT Diagonal Rib"

Next up: a pair of socks for son #3. I'm going to work on the two socks on one magic loop method - using this book, and want to knit the smallest socks possible. But since his feet are nearly as big as mine now (he's only 10), I won't be saving myself that much work. A glance at the book looks like it should be a breeze to learn. Keep your fingers crossed.

Speaking of projects for others, I have two auction shawls to knit. I got one started yesterday, using some nice Trekking Pro Natura (wool and bamboo). Should be fun. The other? Well, that one is still rolling around in my head......wrap or triangular shawl? That funky purple Welsh stuff I found in my stash, or something else? Decisions......Decisions......

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