Wednesday, February 13, 2008


Knitting monogamy is a hard row to hoe, folks. Yes, I am sad to report that I broke down and cast on a pair of socks last night.

I swear! I couldn't help myself. The knowledge that I had sock yarn sitting at my bedside waiting to be made into snug little socks for my 10 year-old to wear inside his new hiking books, wore me down! OK, so his feet aren't that little. He can almost wear my shoes, I and wear a very substantial women's size 9. I'm OK with my youngest having feet the same size as mine, as long as he keeps his sweaty toes out of my little sparkly, strappy, high-heel sandals!

Along with the two auction shawls, I want to knit three pair of socks before we fly back to Kansas the end of March. And if that means I'm finishing sock #2 of the third pair of socks on the flight to Wichita, so be it.

Found some Trekking XXL in colors I actually didn't own for the socks for the big boys.

#2 son placed dibs on the blue stuff. So #1 son gets the browns. Gotta use Trekking or something like it for #1 son. Every inch of the generous 459 yards in a skein is needed to cover his size 14 feet. Now if the thought of buying shoes for that kid doesn't send a shiver down your spine, you are stronger than I am!

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knitterbunny said...

If I wear knitting socks for a size 14 foot, I would be using thicker yarn.